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Cafecito Podcast: Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Sep 13, 2021

Discover why RTLS has become a business necessity…


Welcome back to another exciting installment of our Cafecito Podcast featuring your host, the incomparable Eduardo Cano! Today, Edu sits with Claro Enterprise Solutions (CES) IoT offer Manager Patrick Verdugo and CES’ Business Innovation Manager Lucian Calugaru to discuss the evolving world of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and our brand new RTLS+ solution. Join us for another fun yet enlightening episode. Have questions? Feel free to follow up with Patrick and Edu here.


RTLS 101


Did you know 85% of nurses spend 60 minutes or more per shift searching for healthcare equipment? That can equate to 72,000 hours per year in lost productivity at a 300-bed hospital. Lost, stolen, and hoarded healthcare equipment drastically delays patient care and staff workflows. And in healthcare, EVERY SECOND MATTERS.


Meanwhile, hospitals lose millions annually on missing or underutilized equipment. Here’s another shocking stat: 60% of hospital equipment always sits idle. RTLS provides tools and analytics to track equipment before they go missing and…


1. Improves staff communication and flow

2. Helps calculate the actual cost of patient care

3. Increases patient & staff safety

4. Protects patient privacy

5. Tracks equipment & usage


AI & ML Enabled Video Analytics


CES’ award-winning Real-Time Location Systems Plus (RTLS+) solution uses AI & ML enabled video analytics to serve as the first layer of defense against misplaced equipment. Our tailored solution leverages existing video infrastructure to quickly scan for tagged equipment and utilize geofences to pinpoint the precise location of both stationary and moving healthcare equipment.

Safe, caution, and danger zones are defined within facilities. If assets cross into a restricted area, an alert is issued, showing the exact location of the breach. Teams can then promptly address the situation and return devices to their designated areas.

White Glove Service & Expert Architecture


Our approach combines best-in-class technology with white-glove service and expert architecture to ensure systems are designed to unique requirements. The solution exists on an independent network for increased security and redundancy. Using RTLS+, facilities of all sizes can concentrate on patient care without the distress of searching for lost healthcare equipment.


RTLS Beyond of Healthcare


RTLS is an incredible asset for healthcare facilities, but they aren’t the only industry utilizing this revolutionary solution. Watch our latest Cafecito episode to discover what other sectors are using RTLS+ and how it can help save different industries millions. Go here to listen on Spotify!


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