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5 Reasons Government Agencies Need AI Video Analytics

Jan 03, 2023

Most government agencies strive to implement new, innovative ways to keep their communities safe, no matter their size. But between tight budgets and funds needed to source education, healthcare and hospitals, community development, and other essential public functions, the question quickly arises, “How can local government agencies prioritize new and necessary safety initiatives before breaking their budgets?”.


5 Ways AI Video Analytics Helps Protect Communities


Realistically, most populated cities/areas use a surveillance system (or should) to help record dangerous/suspicious activity and enforce community safety. However, not every camera is monitored 24/7 and equipped to detect potential threats.


By integrating a scalable AI video analytics solution, government agencies can cost-effectively grow at their own pace while gaining critical insights into the areas/resources they should monitor and invest in; for example…


1. Smart city initiatives

  • Monitor areas of great interest and generate alerts when actions take place
  • Enforce public safety through crowd management, business and parking lot security, city street surveillance/safety
  • Enable access to authorized personnel and enable automatic check-ins to restricted government areas
  • Prevent illegal dumping and littering
  • Strengthen security with built-in incident-based alerts and video timestamps

2. Public safety

  • Prevent loitering and detect dangerous/suspicious objects left behind in public spaces
  • Detect and track weapons and surveil essential government equipment
  • Identify potential risks for natural disasters
  • Pre-designate first responders to receive immediate real-time security camera access during emergencies
  • Monitor for smoke and fire and send respondents faster with AI video analytics' automatic notifications 

3. Optimized investigations

  • Search and filter video with ease to accelerate video review and comprehensively investigate incidents
  • Locate crime hot spots, track activity levels, and create strategic action plans using heat map surveillance features
  • Identify stolen or suspect vehicles using Automatic Numberplate Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Recognize wanted or potentially dangerous individuals to respond and take the proper actions more quickly
  • Search for suspects faster using characteristic search capabilities

4. Traffic Optimization

  • Track the behavior of motorists and people at intersections and monitor illegal U-turns
  • Detect hazards such as vehicles stopping, speeding, and vehicles involved in accidents
  • Prevent illegal parking and vehicles traveling in the wrong direction
  • Access real-time alerts triggered during unscheduled crowding or unusual traffic formations
  • Discover peak traffic times and gain insight into patterns and behaviors

5. Data Patterns

AI video analytics software helps businesses discover and deploy actionable insights by studying data patterns from the above optimizations. Platforms typically display real-time data, allowing personnel to help strategize, predict patterns, and respond promptly and appropriately to help maintain public areas.


AI Video Analytics, Government Agencies, and the Future


No matter the size, community safety is priority number one. By deploying an effective AI Video Analytics solution, government agencies can help detect suspicious activity, objects, vehicles, and people, while observing natural public/traffic routines to create cost-effective strategies to better their communities. With the right solution, teams can even study data to help predict future patterns and develop more distinct processes for their specific areas.

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