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5 Ways AI Video Analytics Help Avert School Violence

Aug 19, 2022

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Is School Violence on the Rise?


For most parents, ensuring children's safety 24/7 is hands down the number one priority—especially when separated from them five days a week. Yet did you know 71% of public schools have faced a violent incident? (A violent incident can include anything from an armed invasion to a weaponless altercation, abduction, and even threats to endanger others.) When it comes to school safety and children's well-being, it’s hard to imagine who would ever want to disrupt the peace in such a devasting way, but the reality is…

  1. • U.S. schools have had 2,032 armed invasions since 1970.

  2. • There have been more than 25 school shootings so far in 2022. 

  1. 1 out of every 5 students (20.2%) report being bullied. 

  2. • 71% non-family abductions happen while leaving or going to school.

  1. • More than 90% of abductions are committed by a parent, which can easily happen when picking up a child from school. 


With over 300 mass shootings in 2022 alone and school violence at its highest in 20 years, parents want to know their kids are safe and are pushing educational institutions everywhere to assess their strategies for protecting their perimeters.


5 Reasons Facilities Require AI Video Analytics Right Now


Unfortunately, most schools do not have the budget to support the security resources necessary to concurrently monitor every hallway, entrance, and surveillance camera. But when the slightest interruption or distraction results in missed events or breached borders, what can school boards and staff do to surveil their facility better and keep their students safe? Many have begun cost-effectively upgrading legacy systems with AI Video Analytics software to help…

  1. 1. Detect weapons and track invaders.


Perhaps one of parents’ biggest fears is a disgruntled student or staff member bringing a weapon into their child’s school. The issue is that it’s difficult to catch weapons using the naked eye on traditional surveillance cameras and times of heavy foot traffic. AI Video Analytics’ facial recognition helps raise awareness when an intruder enters the building and detects if weapons like guns or knives are present. If a weapon is carried onto the property, it is tracked until brought to safety.


  1. 2. Monitor and deter future threats.


No threat should ever be handled lightly with children's lives at risk. With AI Video Analytics, investigators and admins can monitor suspicious activity after a threat to help raise awareness and prevent premeditated violent actions. As mentioned, teams can detect if weapons or hazardous objects cross your borders and can set alerts to notify them when intruders enter specific areas out of designated time frames. If a written threat is found, staff can search the site and track the type of clothes, age, or other characteristics picked up by the system.   


  1. 3. Avoid kids leaving with incorrect guardians.


With hundreds of kids picked up at the end of and during each school day, it’s easy for a parent with a restraining order, disgruntled family member, or stranger to walk up and naturally act like they should be picking up or signing out a child. AI Video Analytics facial recognition helps deter unsafe or unregistered guardians from signing students out by scanning its catalog for approved parental units.


  1. 4. Ensure parking lots, classrooms, and events are secure.


Countless cars can go in and out of a school parking lot daily, especially during an event like a sports game or concert. Monitor all the vehicles that go in and out of parking lots, guests that attend events, and even ensure students are in the appropriate class every morning using AI Video Analytics parking management, people detection, and attendance check.


  1. 5. Make bullying part of the past.


No matter the age, bullying is never to be taken lightly, and any sign of bullying needs to be reported immediately. AI Video Analytics helps monitor violent actions and other cues of bullying amongst students. And while adults should always act like a leading example, some don’t always act like role models. AI Video Surveillance ensures kids and other staff are safe from disgruntled or overpowering employees.


The Takeaway


Parents want to know their kids are safe, especially while separated from them at school. By helping raise awareness around... 


  • Intruders 
  • Weapons
  • Bullying or acts of violence 
  • Unapproved parents picking up children
  • Suspicious vehicles/persons


AI Video Analytics helps schools focus less energy on ensuring students are safe so they can get the proper education they require.

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