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7 Benefits of IoT-Based Asset Insights for Businesses

Jan 12, 2023

3 Questions All Shipping Managers Should Ask...

As a business that manufactures and ships expensive, fragile, and often irreplaceable goods, do you ever…


1. Lose transparency on shipments and are unaware if they are on schedule

2. Find essential equipment/shipments damaged and cannot tell who is responsible?

3. Feel competitive pressures and the need to differentiate for customers


When 49 million customers had at least one package stolen in the past 12 months and 95% of customers expect issues to be resolved in transit, manufacturers/shipment managers today must know the real-time position and movement history of shipments while accessing critical insights into their status or events 24/7. But with freights stopping dead in the water and orders hijacked in broad daylight, how can businesses gain transparency to protect their products while promoting positive customer experiences


7 Business Benefits of Asset Insights


From engineering to final packaging and loading, companies need to ensure their resources/employees manufacturing and distributing can deliver a product they are proud to brand. The problem? Equipment and orders can often become neglected, broken, or even stolen. Precisely why an asset insights platform helps shipment managers locate the real-time position and movement history of their assets/shipments on a map, determine their conditions, and gain valuable insights into their status.


1. Track Asset Locations

• View shipment/equipment’s latest position

• Visualize whole asset groups at once

• Click and compare the latest measurements


2. Centrally Manage Orders

• Manage entire shipping fleets

• Filter for assets of interest

• Create new assets/groups and assign devices


3. Monitor Shipping Equipment Lifecycles 

• Manage asset data and change asset use cases over-the-air

• Monitor statuses, devices, and group assignments

• Review installation/update history


4. View Asset Tracking History 

• Select times of interest

• View the tracking/measurement history

• See impactful events on the map (e.g., shocks, large movements, temperature drops)


5. Monitor Sensor Data

• Select a time of interest to analyze data measurements in detail

• Check the location of the measurement

• Create strategies based on the provided insights


6. Establish Rules and Events

• Create/manage rules and guidelines per order

• Define rule criteria per order (measurements, areas, events)

• Set up notifications to internal or external recipients


7. Gain Security Insights

• Live track equipment

• Receive notifications when assets leave established geo zones

• Monitor essential hospital equipment/medication, jewelry, or any expensive goods


The IoT Asset Insight Difference


Compared to other tracking solutions, a robust IoT-based service combined with a fully customized platform helps businesses provide a more transparent, global tracking of valuable shipments while providing shipping managers with the resources to keep essential equipment updated and secure.

IoT asset tracking applies Internet-connected devices—gateways, modules, GPS/GNSS, and alternate location tracking technologies—to monitor and manage equipment, shipments, and vehicles' location, and provide insights into necessary maintenance and tracking data. 


IoT-tracked shipments and devices can relay location, performance, and condition data via connectivity technology (cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) to a cloud, where technicians and managers can study to make more effective fleet strategies.


In Conclusion...


From engineering to final delivery, businesses of all sizes need to ensure products arrive quickly and securely. An IoT-based asset insight platform helps teams…


1. Track Asset Locations

2. Centrally Manage Orders

3. Monitor Shipping Equipment Lifecycles 

4. View Asset Tracking History

5. Monitor Sensor Data

6. Establish Rules and Events

7. Gain Security Insights


Use asset insights to discover shipments' real-time position and movement history on a map, determine asset conditions, and gain valuable insights into their operating status or critical events.

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