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Cafecito Podcast: Security + Dedicated Internet Access?

Aug 20, 2021

Private Internet Access + Security: A New Business Necessity…


Welcome! What better way to start your morning than with a warm coffee (or cafecito) and the latest channel partners insights directly from the experts themselves. Sit back, relax, and discover why a Secure Dedicated Internet Access bundle has become a business necessity in 2021.


Today’s Special Guest Is


What is a Secure Dedicated Internet Access bundleIn today’s episode, we chat with product manager Cesar Salazar to discuss our exclusive new offer combing a high-quality Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) connection with a state-of-the-art, managed, Next Generation Firewall.


The Keyword? MANAGED…


Companies must save time and money and stop stressing about security and bandwidth. With our Secure DIA Bundle, businesses can relax knowing their firewall's implementation, configuration, monitoring, and surveillance is managed professionally. An incredibly convenient factor for small to medium enterprises who want to focus resources on core operations.


Plus, with the new Secure DIA Bundle, businesses gain security for applications and data that reside in their networks, along with secure VPN access for remote users, which is essential today.


24x7x365 Network Firewall Monitoring


Remember our Secure Dedicated Internet Access Bundle is only available within specific locations for a limited time. With our package, Claro’s SOC (Security Operations Center) monitors 24x7x365 traffic and analyzes every possible attack against a huge database to take proper measures as needed.


But most important? Our SOC is nurtured by a Cyber-Intelligence team that is a member of several international Cyber Security Associations that provides access to the most updated information on threats and attacks worldwideSo, it’s not just the management of your network firewall; it’s the intelligence applied to monitoring what’s happening on your network.


Want to know how else Secure Dedicated Internet Access can help small to medium-sized businesses? Watch the podcast now to discover how this bundle is revolutionizing operations in our latest Cafecito Podcast!


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Two women in white gowns analyzing results from a monitor that uses Real-Time Location System.
Joseph Schlegel

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Two women in white gowns analyzing results from a monitor that uses Real-Time Location System.

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