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4 Ways to Help Improve Digital & Physical School Safety

Mar 07, 2023

A parents number one priority? Knowing their kids are safe 24/7. But between cybercriminals effortlessly suspending operations for weeks and weapons easily slipping by staff, how can parents today ensure students stay safe and receive an education without interruptions? Especially when

• There were 50 shooting incidents that resulted in injury/death on school grounds in 2022.

• Ransomware attacks hit at least 44 universities or colleges and almost 2,000 U.S. schools in 2022.

• Cyberattacks can close schools anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks.

• Missing 10% of the school, or about 18 days in most districts, negatively affects students academic performance.

• Ransomware can cost US schools more than $3.5 billion annually.

School violence is often random. But whether it’s a network breach or armed invasion, parents need to know institutions have the proper protocols to contact emergency support, track suspicious activity, and act towards stopping threats (physical or digital)

Why the Recent Spikes in School Cyberattacks?

To cybercriminals, the educational sector is, unfortunately, just another industry ready to exploit. And as schools migrate software from local servers to the cloud, most are unaware of the vulnerabilities they are creating/exposing to the world


Assessing security needs and educating staff on potential new threats are always the first steps to help ensure secure network endpoints. But as school attacks advance, networks evolve, and the number of devices/apps rapidly multiplies, how can schools scale security to protect users and data long-term without breaking their budgets?

Deploy a Cost-Effective Security Operations Center 

All schools need a robust cybersecurity system in 2023. But while not all educational facilities have budgets to build a strong network, most remain hesitant to spend large on tech resources they worry will eventually become outdated--indecision hackers are eager to exploit.

No matter your budget, schools should consider a SCALEABLE Security Operations Center to avoid unnecessary spending and manage changing network needs. Security operation centers provide around-the-clock IT support and resources to deploy and manage your specific network demands, eliminating excess spending and outdated resources.

Ensure Zero Trust Endpoint Security

Your network could have zero holes, yet just one click or malicious app download is all it takes to compromise your infrastructure and close school doors for weeks. So, while empowering teams with the proper knowledge to spot threats is essential, schools can’t always rely on staff and students to be error-free to ensure endpoints stay safe, especially as threats evolve and the number of devices multiples

A zero-trust endpoint security platform, like Claro’s, provides schools with allow-listing, ringfencing, storage control, elevation control, and a reputation intelligence engine to protect data and monitor app usage. Never let student or school data fall into the wrong hands with layers of automatic surveillance


Digital Advances to Help Improve Physical School Safety

Now, in response to the rise of physical threats, how can technological solutions help schools create a safer atmosphere? No matter your size or budget, schools should consider...

Enhancing Video Surveillance Systems with AI Video Analytics

While most schools don’t have the resources to hire large security teams, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, almost 80% of elementary schools have security cameras. Video surveillance cameras can easily be enhanced using AI video analytics.

Using scalable AI video analytics, schools can cost-effectively upgrade systems to scan and track concealed weapons and suspicious activity in real time. Meanwhile, teams can study prerecorded videos to assess threats and aid investigations. Monitor environmental threats like fires, questionable vehicles using license plate recognition, and ensure kids leave with the proper guardian using facial recognition and extensible search capabilities.  

Tracking Essential School Equipment with Asset Insights

While physical safety is priority number one, maintaining the right resources is also critical for children's learning path. So, from expensive, often hard-to-replace classroom devices to extracurricular equipment (e.g., film or sports equipment), schools must ensure valuable learning instruments are secure before, during, and after operating hours. 

An asset insights solution provides clear, transparent tracking and maintenance management to ensure resources stay secure and optimized. Receive customized alerts when equipment needs to be updated or leaves designated areas to help prevent having to replace

The Conclusion: Scalable, Cost-Effective Ways to Improve School Safety

Cybersecurity for all industries is rapidly evolving. And while it may seem overwhelming at times to decipher what solutions are best for your specific school network, scalable strategies and consultative approaches are becoming more and more accessible for all-size facilities.  

A security operations center helps protect budgets and networks with 24/7 IT support and scaled network resources. Zero trust solutions help establish emergency protocols if employees or students make mistakes and ensure data is only accessible to selected individuals.  

Meanwhile, AI video Analytics helps create a fortified perimeter that instantly notifies personnel when a potential threat has entered the premises. And while physical safety is a priority, ensuring kids have the proper resources at all times is critical. Asset Insights helps track expensive equipment so schools can focus their budget on the bigger picture without replacing essential equipment.

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