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Cybersecurity: 5 Solutions to Safeguard Your Business

Jan 18, 2023

Fences, locks, motion sensors, reinforced windows, surveillance cameras...


Most would do everything possible to ensure their environment is safe if threatened. So, when it comes to business cybersecurity and safeguarding networks, why are so many organizations not running faster to secure their digital space from reputation/budget-breaking threats? Especially when 3 billion malicious emails are sent daily, aimed largely at unaware employees who remain the prime target for threat actors.


Scaling Business Cybersecurity: Where Do You Even Start?


No two business networks are identical. So, when it comes to enterprise cybersecurity, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at choosing the best possible solutions to protect your specific networknot to mention the prices. But when the average data breach costs companies $4.35 million, team leaders must start evaluating the now short terms risk of a possible incident and put their best foot forward to scale security postures. The problem is, where do you start? How do you find the best solutions without breaking the bank


5 Solutions to Safeguard Your (Business’s) House


Ultimately, your business is a home, employees’ family, and all that data needing to be kept safe are precious heirlooms. And while you think your home might have the best security system possible, all it takes is for one family member to leave one window open, and an intruder can find their way inside while you are away. Precisely why the first step to scaling your cybersecurity strategy should be… 


1: Raise awareness of threats through Security Awareness Training 


Picture a child answering the door to a stranger and letting them in because they are simply unaware of the potential risks. Businesses face a similar situation when they do not continuously train employees on the latest threats. Untrained employees create vulnerabilities and gaps in your network. They can even open the door for attackers by accidentally clicking on phishing/whaling attempts or not using resources like company Virtual Private networks (VPNs).


2: Lock down your perimeter with Managed Perimeter Security (MPS)


Fences, doors, and locks - most homes have some or all these resources to help keep peace of mind about the threat of intruders. But right now, your business network could be lacking these essential safety resources and more if you are not using some form of Managed Perimeter Security (MPS). Businesses scaling security should deploy MPS to help stop cyber threats and improve productivity with 24/7 monitoring, a next-generation firewall, scalable Unified Threat Management, and more to create a comprehensive security system for network perimeters.


Step 3: Monitor internal threats with Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS)


Part of strategic planning is anticipating the worst. Hypothetically, let’s say someone breached your borders and snuck past your perimeter. Your business needs a guard dog, motion sensors, cameras, and internal monitoring to prevent anybody from attempting to advance. Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) utilizes endpoint detection and response (EDR), web filtering, firewall configuration, incident response, active directory hardening, and more to stop attackers in their tracks and manage incidents so businesses can find solutions fast.  


Step 4: Safeguard with Zero Trust Endpoint Security (ZTESP)


Employees can accidentally download malicious applications/files inviting unwanted guests into your home or even access sensitive files without permission. Zero Trust Endpoint Security (ZTESP) acts as your house safe where important docs and valuables can be stored and shared whenever higher-ups approve by providing allow-listing and ringfencing to secure business data and monitor/define how applications interact.


Step 5: Test/Assess Vulnerabilities with Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment 


Once your security system is safeguarded, it is time to stress test. By running Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Assessments, you are essentially role-playing if a burglar were trying to break into your home and if there are any possible holes in your strategy. This step also helps ensure every gap in your network is sealed and see if employees can truly walk the cybersecurity talk by having them run through different simulations.


Saving & Customizing Network Security with a Global Integrator


Where do you find the most secure network solutions for your business without breaking your budget? Organizations, no matter the size or where they are in their cybersecurity journey, should be consulting with an expert these days to ensure solutions are scaled and tailored to their precise network needs. Otherwise, you could be lacking or overpaying for unnecessary services. A global integrator like Claro, for example, provides all the insights businesses need to protect their network plus the resources required, scaled to business budgets.


The Takeaway


While no two business networks are identical, teams should follow a similar cadence to ensure staff knows the risks, internal and external perimeters are surveilled 24/7, sensitive data is secure, and networks have zero gaps. And while cost is often a factor, by consulting with a global integrator and following these steps, companies can create a more comprehensive cybersecurity approach without breaking the bank


• Step 1: Raise awareness of threats through Security Awareness Training 

• Step 2: Lock down your perimeter with MPS

• Step 3: Monitor internal threats with SOCaaS

• Step 4: Safeguard data and apps with zero trust 

• Step 5: Test/Assess vulnerabilities 

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IT team helping secure business networks

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