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IT Staff Augmentation: Why Now? 3 Reasons to Scale Your Team

Jul 15, 2022

The Driving Demand for IT Staff Augmentation


With a record 4.4 million Americans quitting their jobs in just one month, and 80% of employees experiencing workplace stress, IT teams are burnt out and realizing remote work has opened the door to almost endless new opportunities.


Today, any business operating online requires a strong, reliable IT team to address cyber threats and keep systems running 24/7. The problem? Left and right, more and more organizations realize the depth of their network and are scrambling to scale and secure their infrastructure. This fast, high-pressure shift has led to staff members, EVEN ENTIRE TEAMS QUITTING ABRUPTLY. Most find new IT jobs. Meanwhile, others have left the profession altogether, but the primary reason for their departure is typically the same; their business was not prepared to expand their IT department so quickly. 


As companies hesitate/refuse to accept the need for more resources and personnel, staff start working increasingly to understand and keep up with evolving threats while balancing new complex systems and typical day-to-day tasks—conditions primed for burnout. So how are organizations keeping existing employees satisfied while expanding their network? Most turn to IT Staff Augmentation...


3 Business Benefits of Staff Augmentation


Never be caught without the necessary support to keep your system operating and secure. From cost-effective models to more qualified talent, discover why enterprises of all sizes are turning to IT Staff Augmentation.


  1. Tap into a Larger Global Talent Pool


When hiring for technical positions where your network security is on the line, you never want to gamble with candidates. The unfortunate reality is sometimes the best hires do not always live nearby. IT Staff Augmentation lets you quickly tap into a much larger global talent pool and access a broader range of experts. Never limit your project’s potential or risk having an untrained employee by expanding your reach.


  1. Quickly Scale Up and Down


Not every project demands long-term hires, and often businesses need to scale their team to meet specific roles for a limited time. Other times organizations need to fill more permanent positions quickly. IT Staff Augmentation allows you to fill roles faster and for as long as you need while reducing the time required to interview and train staff.


  1. Cost-Effective Models


Besides saving your budget on training and interviewing, IT Staff Augmentation uses a cost-effective model compared to in-house, full HR + Infra models that deal with the usual employment routines, such as


● Setting up legal entities

● Paying insurance and taxes

● Cost of other infrastructure investments


Why Near-Shore Models Matter


Near-shore models reduce geographical and time zone issues to streamline work processes and provide businesses with employees with more niche skills based on your location. Strict language tests are usually conducted to ensure candidates meet all requirements. You should always be able to interview them before committing to help ensure a fit.


The Takeaway


Stressed, under-resourced IT departments are bound to cause security gaps and can even cause staff to quit, leaving you in a tight spot. IT Staff Augmentation cost-effectively assures your company the professional support it needs no matter if an employee quits, an unresolvable problem occurs, or if you are looking to expand in the long term.

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