Security Awareness Training Feat. KnowBe4’s James McGuiggan

Jun 27, 2022

Security Awareness Training: Why Now? 


No matter your business size, chances are you have employees operating online. So, the question is, with new, more sophisticated cyber threats emerging, how are companies successfully staying up to date with the knowledge and resources to protect their data and reputations?


Join your host Edu and Security Awareness Training expert James McQuiggan, from one of the largest cybersecurity providers in the country, KnowBe4, along with CES’ own security guru Kelly Rein, as they examine


• Why cybercriminals continue to target employees

• What teams can do to stay informed of threats

• What teams should do if they’ve clicked a suspicious email

• Where the Security Awareness Training market is headed

• And much more 


Why Consistent Security Awareness Training is Essential  


Imagine starting a new exercise routine. You would never expect the results you demand after just one training session. Commitment and frequency are essential if you want development, and it's the same with business Security Awareness Training. Educating employees on the latest threats has become a necessary part of their routine if you want to help ensure your organization is safe 24/7, especially when 91% of all breaches start from a single phishing attack, and the average breach costs a company $133,000.


Security Awareness Training: How to Think Like a Hacker


When 1-4 employees admit to getting distracted and clicking a suspicious link, it’s time to realize companies create their own low-hanging fruit for attackers. Security Awareness Training is essential if you want staff to start taking the subject more seriously and getting them to think like a hacker. Because once they know how a cybercriminal operates, they can quickly identify common phishing attacks and start recognizing new, rising threats, including…


• Spear Phishing

• Whaling

• Angler Phishing 

• Smishing and Vishing

• Zero-Day Exploits

• Nation-State Attacks

• Supply-Chain Attacks


The Takeaway


With three billion malicious emails sent daily, educating staff on the dangers of various attacks is now necessary, especially if your business operates online. Because as social engineering attacks rise, so will new, more intricate ways to infiltrate the integrity of your network. Watch the episode now on YouTube or listen on Spotify to discover more.

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